About Us

‘Enriched Soil and Soul OPC Pvt Ltd’ is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( Government of India) as One Person Company ( OPC). The venture is also recognized as ‘Startup’ by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion ( Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India).

Enriched Soil and Soul is a result of my long journey. The journey undertaken to overcome challenges posed by the synthetic lifestyle, extreme weather and urban gardening culture of the most Urban cities like Gurgaon and Delhi. My this journey made me an Engineer turned Urban Farmer turned Agri based entrepreneur!

My journey into Urban farming made me realize that Air, Water and Soil; the three natural factors governing farming activities pose challenges to an urban Gardener in this region. The extreme weather conditions here deprive an Urban gardener from the greener success as compared to their counterparts in other Metro cities. Therefore an Urban gardener in this region does not venture much into growing fruits and vegetables on roof tops. Through a deeper journey into the subject, I experienced that a good, organically built soil can tackle the challenges posed by quality of air and water. So we built good organic soil at home and experienced it’s miraculous success over half a decade. Then we decided to share our experiences with other urban gardeners and provide them with the same organic tool so that they turn to Organic Urban Farming. We provide ready organic potting soils as well as organic liquid manures required to maintain soil health.

We have a vision to convert every urban roof top to an Organic Urban Farm. We are confident that only one practice of Organic Urban farming will convert an ‘Urban waste generator’ into ‘Waste manager’, ‘Urban Consumer’ to ‘ Urban Producer’ and from ‘ deprived of nature’ to ‘creator of bio diversity around his/ her small dwelling’however elevated it is from ground. This in turn will help to negate the ill effects of urbanization in many ways.