All our soils are handcrafted, well cured and well rested in the most natural ambience before packing. This makes them suitable to support the flora and fauna of soil biome and makes them healthy and immune to soil borne diseases.
Had sown this onion on Oct 13th during an online zoom session with grade 6 students of a school…  
Why feeding is required? When  ( best season) do we feed? Where do we feed? What to feed? Want to know ………  
As winter is approaching – time to Prepare for … .Seeds …..Bulbs …..saplings Want to know ………  
Today’s teacher.. my Gazebo! Which line is straight? Which one inclined? Which one has a little bend? And which one is not so perfect??…. Looking at my gazebo roof this morning, I stood under it for several minutes. I Kept on repositioning myself and a soothing smile appeared on my

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