My enlightenment this morning!


The topsoil that nature builds is with ” whatever available”!

If you observe nature’s process of building soil; it never stops. It’s ongoing! It’s continuous! At any given point in time, on the timescale of 4.3 billion years, that’s earth’s supposed to be age, there are fully composted matter, half composted matter and yet to be composted matter!! To my understanding, that’s the secret of ” living soil”!

Further, it is said that this ” topsoil” on the earth is only 500 m years old out of the earth’s 4.3 b years of age. To my understanding, nature has been always building this soil with the help of every organic component whether dead or alive! Nature does not isolate!! To nature, nothing is dead! It’s only conservation of life! Conservation of Carbon!.. one bond breaks and is converted into a new!! … “Samsara”… The cycle of birth and rebirth… There is no death!!

In this process, nature does not isolate life as animals, plants, insects, etc!!

To correlate all the thoughts above,…

The nature in its technical evolution, of building soil, has created plants without the digestive system, and animals with digestive systems. This gives earth half composted and fully composted matter and the further bigger picture of soil is created by the insect world!

So I understand soil as an integrated process! In history, who so ever has tried to isolate any of these parts, hasn’t gone long in his/ her experiments!!

So build soils IN life! Build Soils OF life!!

Happy soil building.